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my men. a couple show some skin, but i don't know if they'd be classified as NSFW?

jason mraz, sexy-acoustic man. because nobody does it better. he's got style and he puts on a fucking AWESOME show.

i took that picture. saginaw, michigan. FRONT ROW. woop.

jude law, sexy-cheating-manwhore man.

jeremy irons, sexy-older man. because even in lolita i wanted to have my way with him.

ewan mcgregor, sexy-and-so-aware-of-it man.

josh holloway, sexy-i-wouldn't-mind-being-lost-with-him man

gale harold, purely gorgeous man

stephen colbert because i don't care what you say, he's my number one boo.

interpol. because their music is my favorite and they are always in suits.

daniel kessler. sexy-guitar-player-of-interpol man.

gary lightbody. adorable-when-you-see-him-perform man. (of snow patrol)

took that picture as well

alan jackson because i've been in love with him since i was five (it's died off kind of now..i still love him, but not avidly) and because HAHAHAH i used to have this cardboard standee in my room:

justin verlander. because he is my future husband and he has a very nice handshake. plus he is 6'5" 200 pounds. OOOH LA LA. and he's got a cute booty.

daniel radcliffe. because he's adorable and hilarious and i'm finally getting over the "i'll never seen him as older than 11" phase. sorry.

george clooney. because DAMN.

jackie flannery. he's like milk, he does the body good.

adrien brody. i just love him.

and now...the one we've all been waiting for (well..at least ceecee and i have) gary oldman. the one i would give my right arm to sex up (because i'd still have the essential parts, you understand). the one i am obsessed with. light of my life, fire of my loins (LMAO, i'll give you a cookie if you tell me what movie that quote came from). allow me to present to you my favorite pictures of the man.

well that was fun. if i wasn't so tired i'd probably do more. i'm sure i'll post more at another time. hope you enjoyed! share your thoughts!
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