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Okay so........

I just want you to know that if you would like to post here.....you don't have to go all crazy like I did and post 75 pictures. We appreciate anything you post. If it is 1 or 101. It's all good. We just want to see hot men. Anyone you think is hot.

And, just because one person posted Gary Oldman someone, doesn't mean that you can't post him again. We just want to see men.

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Help. I think I screwed up with posting pics under an lj-cut. I see the cut, but I also see the pics in the comm. Bleah.

Here's how I did it:
I made the cut, deleted the grey text that says 'post your text here' or whatever. Then, inside the grey box, I clicked on the Insert Image Here icon, and went through the upload tab to choose a pic from my Scrapbook.

How SHOULD I have done it? Plz...
Did you take out the **?
Are your pictures public? or do you have them on private in your scrapbook? If they are private we won't see them.